About us

JIL is an international Personal Service freight forwarder and logistics provider. Through our personalized services we can support you with all of your global logistics and transportation needs.

Call on our team of experienced and highly qualified professionals to arrange appropriate transportation services for your shipments. We will provide you with efficient, reliable and timely freight forwarding services on all your air or ocean imports or exports.

Utilizing our reliable network of qualified business partners throughout the world, JIL can easily be an integrated essential link in your supply chain.

With our value added services in warehousing, distribution, order processing, administration and customer service, we can offer a full range of logistical services from manufacturer to the end user. Our goal is to make the logistics of your products the easiest part of your business, allowing you to focus on your product line, sales and marketing initiatives.

JIL looks forward to discussing your logistical needs, we are confident we can package our unique solutions into a complete answer for your company!We understand well that you want to keep your products flowing smoothly and economically through your transportation, warehouses and 3PL logistics channels while keeping your customers satisfied.

We'll compare your company's costs, operations, and services against industry benchmarks to find the segments of your business that should be improved. We'll use geographic mapping software to obtain a visual depiction of your company's product distribution flows and we'll prepare models that calculate what your expected logistics costs should be under varying scenarios. We'll also prepare a strategic plan for improving your operations, which will include projections of the savings and service benefits to be realized when the plan is implemented.

Following your approval of the plan, we'll begin working to implement positive changes to produce the expected benefits, and we'll monitor the performance of your newly streamlined operations to make sure your company stays on track.

JIL is aimed at providing excellent operational execution and information intelligence tools and insight,by combining state-of-the-art technology, analysis and execution, we minimize for our clients the negative financial impact associated with returns and inefficient supply chain processes.These logistics solutions provide the foundation for fostering collaboration between our clients and their trading partners to yield results that improve the overall supply chain.










Tel :+852 2331 8701; +86 135 6072 3330
Email : sales@jil.hk
Company website : www.jil.hk