Warehouse & Bond Warehousing

JIL's warehousing and distribution services can satisfy all your company's client requirements.Whether you sell to industrials, high end department stores, mass merchandisers, or directly to end user via the Internet, JIL will take care of your company and your clients!With our own modern facility centrally located in the US, HK and China, national distribution capabilities are maximized.JIL can provide you with a full range of services, in a flexible, efficient, competitive and competent environment.We offer the highest level of service and security for your cargo.Coupled with our transportation services, JIL Freight Services is well equipped to handle all of your cargo shipment and storage needs with professionals experienced in warehousing and distribution.Our Facilities feature:

* 24-hour security
* On-site customs (bonded)
* Covered loading docks
* Convenient access to major airports, seaports and highways
* Located in Free Zones in major cities in SZ,China and Hong Kong
Our Distribution Center Service:
* Consolidation and Deconsolodation
* Cross-docking
* Relabeling and repacking
* Sorting/pick & pack
* Storage
* Distribution
* Transportation Management
* Air, ocean and Inland Transportation
* Customs house brokerage
* Freight Forwarding
* Garment-on-Hanger
* Documentation

More Value-added Service :
* Assembly
* Bundling
* Collating
* E-commerce and Order Fulfillment
* Inspection
* Internet Visibility
* JIT Plant Support
* Kitting
* Labeling
* Pick and pack
* Point of Sale/Promotional Displays
* Poly-bagging
* Product Sampling
* Return Goods Processing
* RF Warehouse Management Systems
* Sequencing
* Shrink-wrap
* Sorting
* Ticketing

System Services:

* Tailor-made “Warehouse Management System” to communicate with customer’s ERP system
* Access per D/O or SKU for real time inventory status information
* Web based data source for customer interfaces worldwide
* Generate report upon request & subject to customer’s expected layout
*Central database for management and customers


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